More space for storage  to place those precious personal possessions or  seasonal items such as Christmas decorations, camping equipment ort those  priceless family heirlooms.  The ceiling space in your home might be the perfect place to put all those things you need to keep but cant find  the room.  Our attic Ladders can be placed above your garage or any room in your home where the roof line is high enough —such items can be stored away safe and secure  from under your feet, giving you more room to move freely in your home. 



- is safer than a step ladder!


Our ladder gives you quick and easy access to your roof space for use as a storage area without the use of a rickety step ladders or the inconvenience of climbing through a small manhole.  The unobtrusive trapdoor is spring-hinged and balanced for effortless opening. The ladder unfolds as simply as a sofa bed.  The unit is stable when fully open and uncludes grooved anti-slip treads and a RED SAFETY HANDLE.Plastic feet reduce scratching on timber floors. 

The WHITE FINISH of the trapdoor will match most ceilings and has a special gasket to prevent any dust from the roof space entering the home. The trapdoor is also thermally insulated.  Importantly, our ladders are constructed from premium Knot Free Nordic Pine with dovetail joints for added strength.  An Architrave kit is included to complete the installation  STATEWIDE ATTIC LOFT LADDERS are built tough for frequent use and have a load capacity of 160 kgs.


Check List


•Measure ceiling height if you are considering the Easiway or Delux, also measure the floor to floor height and check the specifications.


•Check your ceiling structure to make sure there is an unobstructed space large enough to accommodate the ladder of you choice.


•Check that your ceiling structure will support the ladder and storage area  needed and  making sure any load you put in your ceiling cavity is being supported by load-bearing structure. If in doubt




We recommend employing a qualified tradesperson for advice on ceiling load bearing capabilitiy. Also, check with your local authorities with regards to permits and approvals








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