Company Overview


    Statewide Skylights was established in 1985 by Paul and Judy Edwards as a family owned business and is a dedicated skylight manufacturer in Australia.


    Statewide Skylights  and 

acol Roof Windows® is a national competitor in the skylight industry and manufactures and sells to both the retail trade and wholesale on a national and international basis.


    Statewide Skylights is a highly committed to research and development in the design and manufacture of it’s products and uses the latest technology including Twin Wall Insulated Polycarbonate Glazing, double glazed High Performance Glazing and all other forms of regular glass and plastic glazing now in the market place.  The company is also instrumental in developing the Mylar Based Flexible Light Shaft System.



The company philosophy at Statewide Skylights and acol Roof Windows® is PRICE and SERVICE.           


Statewide is a fast moving business that is currently enjoying escalating success in the Australian market.  The company is committed to providing quality product to it’s customers and to help achieve this aim it actively participates in research and development.Statewide is an extremely proactive business and expansion into international markets can only enhance the company’s overall business success.

meet the demands of customers with the best possible quality of product.  All components are Australian made, which is synonymous with high quality.  Management is highly committed to achieving success in all business areas.



Statewide Skylights is a highly committed and successful business that competes in the tough Australian market due to the proficient knowledge of the core business, combined with management’s willingness to expand it’s knowledge through research and development initiatives.



Brochures and prices for Statewide Skylights and acol ranges are always available so call now on

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Statewide Skylights recommend that our products be installed by a qualified tradesperson.        

Distribution Australia Wide and Internationally.

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